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Interior Design e Furnishings


The Interior Design activities are a core of Mariani’s proposal.
 Architect Maurizio Morazzoni actively collaborates with different architectural studios both at home and abroad, as a consultant and/or as the Project Manager and he is at your disposal to advice and guide you in your interior design quest: from site surveys to executive projects, from the ideas to the search of materials, until completing the job.

Mariani guarantees complete efficiency and total competence, reducing to the minimum your presence in technical and operative phases, instead involving you in creative phase with search and choice of the best solutions.

Great care is taken to supply services which take nothing for granted and that any small detail could satisfy the needs of the client.

Mariani is able to execute restructuring and restyling of environments, giving new life, new form and renovated energy to space, taking particular care to preserve and giving value to what you have at heart.
At the building site Mariani will be your one and only interlocutor who will follow all the professional resources and commissioning phases for the implementation of the agreed project.

To complete the offer, there will be at your disposal a consultancy and design service for the plumbing and electrical plants.

Finally, Mariani will stand by you when compiling all your building bureaucratic documents.



Planning consulting







Fireplace follows the architectural forms of the stairs and internal divisions of the Livingroom.
Structure in staves oak, Dix Blue lacquered panel and the floor is protected by metal coating treated with natural wax.

The structure hides the home theatre system and through the invisible channels spreads the heat in the environment. The opening at the top of the fireplace, viewed from the Livingroom and stairs gives a prospective light game thanks to the changings sizes of the opening.

The trapezoidal shaped stairs, inclined 20° to the first steps, gives the room a majestic appearance, giving an enlarged perspective vision than the real measurements.

Wall with fireplace made of wood covered
with metal treated sheet with exclusive procedure
which gives striations of different colours to vary the sunlight.
(Our exclusive treatment).

Stairs made of treated metal sheet in natural finishing embedded in the wall.

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