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Interior Design e Furnishings

_About Us

Mariani has been working in the world of Interior Design for three generations, proposing a variety of high quality solutions of industrial design together with important works made to measure.

Mariani, thanks to Architect Maurizio Morazzoni, distinguishes itself with its exclusive approach which it reserves to each interior project, creating global solution with a tailoring approach, able to interpret and satisfy the needs of every client, transforming each environment in a unique and personal place.


_The Story

The history of Mariani has antique origins, from an artisan little shop in the heart of Arluno in the province of Milan. Ernesto Mariani founded this glorious business in 1928.

Sensitive to work details, the company soon specialized in sales of high quality furniture, built exclusively by the best artisans and producers from Brianza, an area dedicated to Made Italy Design of which Mariani can boast of this knowledge and everlasting connection.

As time went on the company grew and evolved gloriously, handing over its initial artisan know-how in prestigious Interior Design, where the furniture collections result in complete and refined furniture for the homes of clients.



Today the Mariani business is going on and it can be seen in the works and project of Architect Maurizio Morazzoni, who has been the spearhead of the company for the past thirty years, having taken over from his grandfather Ernesto and his uncle Felice Mariani.

From his experience, Maurizio Morazzoni has made Interior Design activity the core business of Mariani, transforming the historic showroom in Arluno to a contemporary exhibition space, an atelier in which client are informally received, a space in which dreams and needs are transformed into projects, surrounded by the most innovative materials from the best brands, selected from the international design panorama with emphases on Italian design.

The aim is simple: to build a home for the client with the client himself, starting from the collections of the needs and planning of interventions, up to the choice of style and functional solutions on the structures. All this, is to offer a satisfying complete service.


Maurizio Morazzoni


Architect. After graduating, he threw himself into interior design. With his thirty-year experience and deep passion, Maurizio constantly devotes himself to the search for new advanced technologies and new materials. Art, fashion and trends lover.

“Wood and metal, shape matter: this is where inspiration comes from”


Gaia Morazzoni


Construction engineer, daughter of architect Maurizio Morazzoni, Gaia is following her father’s steps. She loves architecture, both modern and ancient. Her role is the management of the Mariani Social channels. Sporty and dynamic, she loves traveling.

Head in engineering, heart in architecture: Gaia is a design, color and materials observer.